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Transit [2014 > Present]

Find all of the ProtectAVan products designed bespoke for a Ford Transit [2014 to Present] model, including security locks, anti-pick locks, and steel constructed guards to prevent the threat of thieves targeting your vehicle. Other van accessories and products are available. Prices are excluding VAT.

Transit [2014 > Present] ArmourShell
The ArmourShell has been designed, manufactured and tested to address and combat the existing and potential methods used by even the most determined would be thief. The ArmourShell is the product of...
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Theft-attacks on LCV's has increased dramatically since the start of the recession and with the steady increase in the price of metals, thieves have begun to target more than just the cargo areas....
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Transit [2014 > Present] DeadLock
Deadlocks have been used with great success in the industry for many years and still tend to be the preferred option for many users. They improve security by adding an additional locking point to the...
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Transit [2006 > 2013] Electronic OBD Immobiliser
 This passively armed, OBD Port electronic immobiliser disarms both Can-bus feeds to the OBD port upon turning off the ignition. The OBD Port is re-activated by passing a uniquely coded transponder,...
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Transit [2014 > Present] FWD Sump Guard
A Sump Guard is an anti-corrosive plate which fits to the chassis under the engine to provide protection for the engine sump and other ancillaries such as exhaust / downpipe. Do you use your Ford...
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***We are currently out of stock, if purchased you will be put on back order and recieve confirmation when they arrive. Here at ProtectAVan, we are constantly reviewing innovative methods of vehicle...
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Transit [2014 > Present] OBD Port Protector
Thieves have discovered a new way to steal your van via overriding the manufacturer’s immobilisation system by connecting a laptop/PDA/EDI Key into the OBD socket and programming a new key into the...
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Transit [2014 > Present] PedalBox
The PedalBox was designed and developed to prevent vehicle theft. Advanced thieves are using key programmers to override the vehicles immobilisation system and steal the vehicle in its entirety. With...
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OE with Bezel
We highly recommend getting our Hykee RepLock with a Bezel fitted on your vehicle in order to prevent the lock being picked and thieves getting into your vehicle. The Bezel is our newest security...
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Transit [2014 > Present] SlamHandle
There is a growing problem with van handles being removed easily due to the way they are fixed; through plastic clips and un-secure fittings. Whilst other products offer limited protection, the...
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Transit [2014 > Present] SlamLock
Human error is the single largest cause for vehicles being left unlocked - Our British standard SlamLock addresses this problem by design. It automatically locks when the vehicle door closes and...
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Transit [2014 > Present] SpareLock
The SpareLock has been developed to specifically address and combat the growing problem of spare wheel theft from commercial vehicles. Whilst many people do not fully recognise this problem, those...
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